BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-If you own a boat, ATV, or other recreational vehicle and haven't registered it with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, you have time as state officials extended the grace period to July.

According to State Parks and Recreation, an extension was added to the grace period to register recreation vehicles as the agency transitioned to a new online system that intends to make it faster and more convenient for customers to get or renew registrations. The original grace period ended at the end of May. However, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) unexpectedly complicated the roll-out of the new system. County motor vehicle offices closed during the stay-at-home order, which handles half of the registrations, according to State Parks and Recreation.

Idaho law enforcement have been asked by the agency and governor to not enforce recreational vehicle registrations until July 1, to help ease a backlog created by the introduction of the new system and the COVID-19 virus. The website is being refined and, according to the agency, 10,000 registrations were successfully purchased through it.

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