So much for a successful boycott!  I decided to make a trip to Walmart and get a view of how many people are currently wearing masks when shopping (about a quarter).  Because, of course, this all changes Monday.

Then I rounded an aisle where you’ll find ethnic food.  First, let me put the pictures into context.  The other ethnic brands are well stocked.  Not so much for Goya.  More context; friends around the country are seeing the same thing when they go to local stores.  There is a run on Goya products since some members of the angry left demanded a boycott.

Nobody on the right demanded a Goya boycott when Obama was President.

This followed a visit by the CEO of Goya Foods to the White House.  Where at a conference he said nice things about the President.  As he had done when he visited the White House when the previous occupant was living there.  Nobody on the right demanded a Goya boycott when Obama was President.

On Wednesday the current President released a photograph.  He was at his desk in the Oval Office and he had Goya products spread across his desk.  Which will drive even more sales.  Mr. Trump’s photograph is thumbing the nose at critics who called out his daughter.  She was accused of an ethics violation after tweeting out a picture of Goya beans.  Because she did it on an official White House twitter account.

Children are dying in drive by shootings in major cities and liberals are screaming about beans.  Gasbags!!!  Please, don’t stand downwind of Chuck Schumer.

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