If you have ever thought about becoming a dairy farmer and you have an extra $13 million dollars on your hands, now is your chance to fulfill that dream. Yes, $13 million dollars but it is pretty much everything you need.

According to the Zillow listing, this dairy farm is over 507 acres big, has living quarters for you and any workers that you may want to house there. Or, just a bunch of friends if they come over and want to stay the night. And it comes with the cows!

The property comes with over 1,000 head of milking cows, 1,300 head heifers, over 2,000 head CAFO, and milk shipping rights to Jerome Cheese. It is literally everything you need if you want to be a dairy farmer. You don't have to buy anything else but this property.

Also, since we all know that there is equipment that is needed to farm, the property also comes with tractors, loaders, feeding equipment and other equipment needed for the business.

Plus, the home looks pretty awesome. It looks like it would be a bunch of work, as farming would be, but if that is your cup of tea and you again, somehow have $13,236,000 dollars, it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

If this is your dream I hear the lottery and powerball are quite a large amount right now.

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