Did you know that just down the street from the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise sits a five-bedroom, architectural piece of art? I first passed by the property two summers ago when I took part in a tour of the prison that opened its doors in 1872.

The Old Idaho State Penitentiary turns 150 years old this year. This also means it began operating the same year Yellowstone National Park was founded, which celebrated its anniversary officially on March 1. What might be equally as interesting as the penitentiary up the road, is a medieval-inspired home located just blocks away.

I've stood in front of the dwelling known by many as the "Boise Castle Home," and marveled at this incredible property that sticks out like a sore thumb in the surrounding neighborhood. It's actually a cool area of Boise, as the Idaho Botanical Gardens and the Outlaw Field concert venue are just down the road as well.

If I were the owner of this over $2 million, 5,845 square-foot property, I'd have to have horses in the backyard, an armor-clad mannequin perched on the roof, and one of those long, wooden dining tables that could seat a small army of knights. It was for sale back in 2018, but I'm not entirely sure of its status these days. This incredible home was completed in 2010, according to the YouTube video shared by an area real estate company.

For a home that's supposed to inspire Dark Ages kind of vibes, it's my understanding the property has gadgets as high-tech as they come.

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