How are they going to stop you?  The Mayor of Chicago and the Governor of New York are telling constituents to skip Thanksgiving gatherings.  I know how my late father and my uncles would’ve responded.  Something akin to a one fingered salute.

The Washington Post has a story about how small household gatherings can become incubators for transmission of COVID-19.  The writer admits the public has had its fill of mandates and orders by government.  You can read the story by clicking here.

For a death rate of one percent with slight rounding.  One percent of confirmed cases.

Earlier this week I read a story in the New York Post.  The writer explains a new study claims church is a “super-spreading” event.  Along with trips to restaurants.  The study included recommendations we scale back restaurant occupancy by a whopping 80 percent and reduce church attendance by a similar factor.

The rationale on all these recommendations changes and we’ve long forgotten “flatten the curve”.

A few questions.  If we skip family gatherings will it make the virus go away?  My guess would be the virus is here to stay.  It’s environmental.  The two solutions are herd immunity or a vaccine.  Same question I’ve asked before, can you guarantee a vaccine will be available soon?  Or ever available?  How many people can be vaccinated in the course of one month?  How many will refuse?

This morning I did a quick calculation after seeing the confirmed coronavirus cases in Idaho.  As of the close of business on November 12th, there were 77,000 cases confirmed.  There could be 770,000 for all we know.  COVID-19 has apparently killed 733 people in the state.  For a death rate of one percent with slight rounding.  One percent of confirmed cases.  Considerably less than one percent of all cases, known and unknown.  Pass the cranberries.


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