Last week I shared a post about the Southern Poverty Law Center targeting several Idaho State Legislators.  You may not like or appreciate the legislators named as bigots by the SPLC, but reasonable people eschew violence against anyone.  A previous SPLC list had resulted in a shooting at the Family Research Council. 

there is an element of the left willing to assault and kill

After I watched some of the pictures out of Washington following the Saturday Trump rally, I realized there is an element of the left willing to assault and kill (which it did last summer in Portland).  These people are also willing to travel.  A group planned a gathering in Coeur d'Alene last summer but turned back when they were met by a larger gathering of patriots.  Good, but it does show the leftist thugs have an interest in Idaho politics and will likely probe us again.  From what I can observe, Antifa and other assorted domestic terrorists are emboldened when they aren't arrested and locked away.  Without deterrence, it's open season on conservatives.

Many of the legislators being denounced simply support traditional moral values.  Others have had their pictures taken with people liberals don’t like.

Why?  Many are newsmakers and I have extensive personal files of photos I can use when writing stories for this site.  It’s a time saver and I’m also willing to listen when I encounter many of these so called “bigots”.  Many even make great on-air guests.  We’re not in business to limit free expression.  That’s the work of social media.

Liberals want to control what you read, hear and see.  They want to force you to wear a mask, eat broccoli and exercise.  Frankly, I don’t believe they’ve made this a better country.  Joe Biden talks of “unity”.  From the perspective of the left, it means everyone’s on the same page.  Their page and only their page.

State Representative Christy Zito joined us on Newsradio 1310, KLIX and responded to being placed on SPLC’s enemies list.  You can listen by clicking on the YouTube video below.

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