China isn't our friend.  No matter how many times Joe Biden attempts to sell you on the idea.  There was a time when I believed China didn't want us dead but instead simply wanted to out compete the United States.  After all, we're the biggest single market for Chinese goods.  Some of which I discovered when I looked over a Halloween display at the grocery store.  Plastic dishes for Halloween and autumn.  Possibly even for Thanksgiving.

Ultimately, we'll drown in these items.  Since we don't much make things anymore, eventually we'll run out of money for buying even the cheapest of trinkets.  China will move on to devour another market.  That’s how mercantilism works.  The Chinese learned it well from the British during the 1800s. 

His family and other elites have grown wealthy on relations with a genocidal communist regime

As for us being dead, when we learned several years ago the Chinese were peddling poisoned pet food in our country it was a signal.  If their greed is that insatiable, then they wouldn't think twice about poisoning people.

Which they did.  With a nasty virus that has left Americans in a panic, fearful of neighbors and friends and struggling to pay their bills.  Now Chinese state media is mocking President Trump for contracting COVID-19.  American liberals are doing the same.  A survey of Democrats tells us 40 percent are happy the President is ill.  Some are also telling us they hope the man dies.  Chinese communists and American liberals.  What's now the difference?  Democrats are the Fifth Columnists for what Paul Harvey once labeled, "The massive hordes of Asia".

When I see Joe Biden at an event and flanked by signs telling me to "Buy American" I see rank hypocrisy.  His family and other elites have grown wealthy on relations with a genocidal communist regime.  They're going through the motions.  These aren't the Democrats of 1955.  They're technocrats and bureaucrats and you're just a number.  Dead or alive.  Check out the video below.  The guy hits the mark.

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