They’ve angered Overlord Brad Little.  He was probably embarrassed after the owners of Hardware Brewing Company appeared last month with Laura Ingraham on national TV.  The owners defied his orders to keep doors closed in order to save us all from the Black Death.  Or some other deadly scourge no longer topping the news.

The owners rolled the dice.  They could go out of business or they could open their doors and hope to survive a potential loss of an alcohol license.  The Kendrick business received support from two of Little’s potential 2022 Republican Primary challengers.  Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin and Idaho State Republican Party Chairman Raul Labrador.

The owners defied his orders to keep doors closed in order to save us all from the Black Death.

Now the restaurant faces a $2500 fine and if it’s not paid the license will be yanked.  Me, I’d put a jar on the bar and ask for donations.  Or maybe we can all stuff dollars in envelopes and mail their way.  After all, we can afford a few bucks because the Governor is going to bribe us in order to get us off unemployment.

Friday, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan nailed this description of Governors corrupted by power during the COVID-19 panic:

They received too much adulation, enjoyed the role of savior too much, and the lockdowns became longer. Told we were grateful someone was taking responsibility, they became micromanagers of human life.

If you think she’s harsh, check out this comment from State Representative Judy Boyle.  She posted it on my personal Facebook page:

Crush anyone who opposes the King? This is very wrong along with rewriting election law, suspending the 1st Amendment, violate the separation of powers, using $1.25 billion of taxpayer money as a private slush fund, using an obsolete law which no Idaho Governor has used to take over Idaho government & many other items. The Idaho citizens need to remember this when the legislature asks them to pass a Constitutional amendment to clearly allow the legislature to convene at any time to restore the proper checks & balances to a rogue executive branch.

I believe we can fairly say Idahoans in every walk of life are through with being bullied and treated like toddlers.  Perhaps the Governor should consider early retirement.  Let someone else restore the state’s tradition of individual liberty.

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