Liberals don’t want you eating meat.  Right, tell you something you didn’t already know.

Over the years I’ve been privy to many conspiracy theories.  You put up a tower and transmitter and air a talk format and you’ve got a magnet.  Some theories I quickly discount but some can make some sense.  Lately, events offer credence for a lot of potential conspiracies.

No one on the left is going to let a good crisis go to waste.

We’re told there’s a meat shortage.  Sort of.  There are plenty of cattle, hogs and chicken.  Getting them from farm to grocery is the challenge.  One of my co-workers posted a story a few days ago about local supermarkets rationing meat.  This after a series of coronavirus outbreaks at processing plants.

The factories are often staffed by immigrants.  Legal and illegal (friends who worked in the chicken industry have shared this with me for years and explained how it’s winked at by even some in government).  These workers often live 15 to 20 in a rental house and often work in shifts.  Which means they “hot rack” when sleeping.  One guy comes home as another is heading for work and they exchange places on the mattress.  I went to college and I know how young men sometimes live when they’ve no supervision.

This can be an incubator for virus transmission.

Meanwhile, stories are now circulating about how plant protein is better than meat protein.  Check out this link by clicking here.  No one on the left is going to let a good crisis go to waste.  The globalists and their liberal allies have been working for decades to take the steak off your plate.  If they can get away with forcing you to be masked in public, they’ll be telling you what to eat.

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