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Apparently, this is the Christian thing to do when you don’t get what you want.  The picture is from the Twin Falls City Council meeting where Mayor Suzanne Hawkins issued a proclamation in support of the unborn in the city.  It has no enforcement power but allows neighboring communities to know there are people in Twin Falls not only opposed to Planned Parenthood but whom also find its butchery of babies abhorrent.

I don’t know the identity of the woman but the man facing the back wall is in ministry with the United Methodist Church.  His name is Mike Hollomon.  The same denomination is the one sponsoring drag queen events at a local nightclub.  The movement has an active Facebook presence, which you can see by clicking here.

The same denomination is the one sponsoring drag queen events at a local nightclub.

Is the UME a church or a social club?

Meanwhile, the local newspaper reports the people in attendance supporting the Mayor are members of Eastside Baptist Church.  Pastor Paul Thompson can only pray they all someday fill his pews!  While many are members of his congregation, many more come from other churches in the Magic Valley.  Bulletin for news media:  There are many Christian denominations that still follow biblical teaching and not the talking points of the Democrat Party.

Let me mention one other observation.  A respondent on the Newsradio 1310, KLIX Facebook page alleges Republicans aren’t interested in defending children from school shooters.  First, she’s engaging in deflection because she can’t defend abortion.  Second, I’m a Republican and I have a solution for school shootings.  A couple, actually.  A friend has patented technology that can frighten away an active shooter.  And trained and armed school personnel are a deterrent.  Shooters avoid places no longer designated gun free zones.

I don’t see shredding the Constitution as an answer and I’ll point out shootings still take place in countries where the law abiding have been disarmed.  Don’t let facts, however, get in the way of deflecting from your bloody sacrament?

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