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She probably can’t find it on a map, but Vice President “Commie” Harris sure doesn’t like our traditional values.  Idaho has been one of several states moving to restrict abortion since the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade.  The White House has selected Idaho out of many to use as a punching bag.  Harris managed a dig yesterday as she praised court efforts to derail the new state law.

Harris and President Biden spoke at a meeting to promote a national abortion rights law.  Now, keep in mind, Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has suggested a nationwide abortion ban.  It was met with ridicule by liberals and mainstream media (I’m redundant).  Even some of Graham’s fellow Republicans claim it should remain a state-by-state decision.  What the Republicans really mean is they don’t want it to be any more prominent as an Election Day issue.

Here’s the media rule.  Graham's national plan is awful.  Harris's national plan is good.

The same media, working in tandem with liberals, continues to promote the canard that the decision by the high court banned abortion nationwide.  They would prefer the confusion to continue.

Meanwhile, in the category of absolutely sick and twisted, one abortion mill has reached the bottom.  Planned Parenthood of Illinois is using a recreational vehicle as a roving death machine.  It roams along state lines and invites victims to cross into Illinois and into a rolling house of horrors.  Just in time for Halloween.

What kind of people have we become when pregnancy is viewed as an illness and restrictions on abortion are called an “assault” on women?

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