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They should be easily spotted by campus security.  They don’t wear heels and makeup and generally don’t have a stylist do their hair.  Their numbers are small in Idaho, but a group of liberal women plans a demonstration Friday at the Idaho Republican Convention.  Delegates from around the state are meeting at the College of Southern Idaho.  Republicans will be the ones wearing pastel colors and Birkenstocks.

The late comedian Robin Williams referred to the National Organization for Women (NOW) as women in comfortable shoes.  While their numbers are small, similar women in Idaho don’t appreciate having to drive their electric cars to Ontario, Oregon in order to exercise what they euphemistically call reproductive health.  The rest of us call it abortion.

When the Supreme Court of the United States reversed Roe versus Wade in the recent Dobbs decision, it allowed individual states to institute new regulations on infanticide.  Idaho will severely limit access after the first several weeks of pregnancy.  It could happen next month, however.  Liberal women have been pinning their hopes on a delay by shopping for their cause with liberal regional courts.  Their other option would be to elect Democrats to statewide office and as a legislative majority.  They’ve got better odds of being struck by lightning on the day they match all six numbers in Lotto America.

They believe they can somehow sway Republican leadership by turning out in a small crowd and shouting.

This isn’t Boise.  Someone must remind them to leave the Molotov cocktails and spray paint at home.  Otherwise, we would be happy to provide a weekend tour of a crowded jail in Twin Falls County.

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