Maybe there was a remedy over the last 72 hours.  When I first saw this editorial in the Idaho Statesman, I found it a rare moment of agreement.  Newspaper editors are overwhelmingly liberal and sanctimonious about their politics.  Liberals are mostly wrong about everything but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  Sunday, the Times-News republished the opinion and I’m hoping it has some impact, although.  Not holding my breath.

I still hear from many Republicans who want me to know Governor Brad Little always makes the right decisions.  They don’t want any criticism and insist registered Republicans get behind the guy because they always put party over God, country, Idaho and their neighbors.  You know, the hungry and bankrupt neighbors being evicted! 

I’m surprised we haven’t seen violence!

Let’s see them try and blame the victims!

Tens of thousands were tossed out of work when the Governor closed businesses, schools and society to save us all from ourselves and the media driven COVID-19 panic.  The jobless weren’t all lazy and stupid.  For many, their personal economic depression comes by fiat.  In other words, Brad Little.

Now they can’t even get relief they were promised in exchange for the sudden disruption of their lives.  Goodness, people are calling the Department of Labor up to 100 times over the course of a morning and if they get through they’re left hanging on hold.  I’m surprised we haven’t seen violence!

Then the Governor comes along with a promise to bribe people he believes won’t return to work.  As the editorial writer asks, how does he believe his fealty payments will work any better than the promise of jobless benefits?

No, it’s not unkind to speak the truth and call the man in over his head.

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