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Jeff Bezos is estimated to be the world’s wealthiest man.  His net worth is approaching 110 billion dollars.  He recently pledged 10 billion for climate research.  It’ll buy him some more goodwill with leftists and they’ll reward him by shopping more on the platform he founded, Amazon.com.  The super-wealthy have learned some lessons their predecessors never stumbled across.  Henry Clay Frick wasn’t interested in marketing and public relations.  And media of his time was rather limited.

And none of the wealthy business people have really risked anything.  They made an investment in goodwill.

This isn’t to say Bezos is any more enlightened than Gilded Age robber barons when it comes to his workers.  A few years ago a story out of Great Britain chronicled the plight of people packing boxes in an Amazon warehouse.  They were wetting themselves because they couldn’t take bathroom breaks.

Phil Knight made a fortune making shoes.  Or more simply, having Asians make the footwear.  The factories were often described as sweat shops and the pay would’ve insulted any American buying a pair of Nike shoes.  But you can buy goodwill on the left by hiring Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman.

The five richest people on the planet have a combined net worth of roughly half a trillion dollars.  Some of them back dream projects like the Green New Deal, with its absurdly high price tag and, yet.  What would happen if each of these individuals pledged 10 billion dollars for solar and wind farms?  That would buy a heck of a lot of panels and pinwheels.  Bypass bloated government and attach the effort to a business model.

Within a few years we would also have copious new evidence of the futility of alternative energy.  Which would be a public relations disaster.  Because it can’t match oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear when it comes to a bang for the buck.

Instead we get pledges for more research.  The labs like the money and the left salutes the pledge.  And none of the wealthy business people have really risked anything.  They made an investment in goodwill.  They’ll continue to profit.  Earth’s expiration date will continually be postponed but always just around the corner and at no point, will anyone on the left ever get wise to the deception.  It’s like the spouse who simply can’t believe she’s being cheated on because the vacations are great and the house is filled with cool gadgets.  Denial is a survival mechanism.

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