We took a look back at 98.3 The Snake's most watched videos of 2015. Crazy governors, frustrating gym shorts, and mispronunciations were among the top spots this year.

Here's to an even more weird 2016!

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    Crazy 2014 Idaho Gubernatorial Debate Highlights

    New Views This Year: 3,919

    Over a year later, viewers still vividly remember Harley Brown. Also, the old angry religious man who nearly threw his Bible at the camera.

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    How to Tie a Single Loop Drawstring - HD Multi-Camera

    New Views This Year: 5,565

    Apparently we weren't the only one facing this conundrum. WHY DO THEY MAKE THESE???

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    10 Things Only People in Idaho Know

    New Views This Year: 6,059

    My out-of-state relatives will never experience the joy of spiders, canyons, and bears.

  • 2

    The Idaho Cities Song - Expret's Corner

    New Views This Year: 17,724

    After watching, viewers fell into one of 3 camps:
    1) Annoying
    2) Incomplete
    3) Fantastic

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    How To Tie a Single Loop Drawstring

    New Views This Year: 22,481

    You know you've hit a nerve when TWO of your top 5 videos cover the same subject. Did I mention: WHY DO THEY MAKE THESE???