When some people think of activities such as frisbee (or disc) golf, they might picture well manicured park lawns and fancy, metal-chained baskets. In our family, we've been taking such activities and making due with what nature provides us for years, and that's what impresses me about a new video that shares this type of unrestricted, informal, off-the-grid adjustment to our favorite hobbies.

Each summer, our family camps multiple times throughout central and southern Idaho. We always pack games such as badminton, darts, ladder ball, cornhole, horseshoes, and others along with us. Its been our practice that when playing these games on a camping trip away from other humans, out in the middle of the Sawtooth Mountains somewhere, the rules are often altered a bit for the sake of your surroundings.

A recent upload to YouTube on the channel of Crazy Family Adventure, is exactly what I'm talking about. Proper boundaries get thrown out the window when you participate in backwoods, recreational sports. The February 28, 2021 video reminds me of one of the things I enjoy about living in Idaho, and that is good old-fashioned competition while camping.

The video upload shows a family getting outdoors, visiting area hot springs and getting in a little extreme frisbee golf. I love the part where the kids are just hucking frisbees off onto the forest floor. This is real, gritty, family gaming, and the way it was meant to be played. My hats off to this awesome family, and thanks for the reminder that the warm weather is going to be here soon.

Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta

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