TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Twin Falls first responders rescued some paddle boarders who got too close to Shoshone Falls and were knocked off into the water Saturday afternoon.

According to the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office, Search and Rescue was called out at around 4:30 p.m. for a group of tourists on kayaks and stand-up paddle boards that got too close to the falls and some pushed off into the water. According to the Twin Falls Fire Department, several kayakers were able to pull the people who had fallen into the water away from the falls and to the shore. A Magic Valley Paramedic's SORT team medic was lowered down the canyon wall from the top at Shoshone Falls Park to help assess the patients who were not seriously injured below. The sheriff's office said the individuals were taken back to Centennial Park by rescue boat.

This is the fourth incident this year were people have needed rescue from below Shoshone Falls. Both the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office and Twin Falls Fire Department warned of the danger of getting too close to the falls because the strong force can pull people underwater. Several citizens assisted with the rescue, according to Twin Falls Fire Department.

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Paddle Board Rescue

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