Has the pandemic got you feeling like you're living in the Twilight Zone? The days blur together until it feels like you've done all of this before. Not only have I been worrying about the coronavirus in my house but now I'm beginning to think I also have real life monsters in my home. And, unlike Sasquatch, I have legit photo evidence that proves me right. Also, I can't be the only one who has noticed these house monsters. Check out the photo gallery to see if you have similar monsters in your house.

Real Life House Monsters

This doesn't even include evidence left around my house by our pet (dog) monsters. That would be an entire gallery alone.

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The monsters in my house aren't the kind depicted in movies or magazines. They are instead my family members, including me. I'm guilty of shaving over the sink, my wife has staked her claim to the entire counter top, my kids are oblivious to the messes they make. Some things are unforgivable though. Like really, who cuts cheese like that or only eats part of a bunch of different cookies? There is a benefit though, as I'm the one who seems to always find the partially eaten treats I'm the one who gets to eat them.

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