A Twin Falls favorite has been bought out by another Idaho soda and treat shop. Sips in Twin Falls is no longer a thing and it has been taken over by Pick Me Up.

Pick Me Up Takes Over Two Twin Falls Locations

According to their website, Pick Me Up has quite a few locations and all of them are in Idaho. They have both locations in Twin Falls as the previous locations of Sips. 213 Cheney Drive West and 1879 Addison Avenue are their locations. They are open now.

What Is On The Menu Of Pick Me Up

They have a lot of different flavored sodas. Coco-Cola products are their base and they add things like coconut, vanilla, and lime to their drinks. That is just to name a few anyway.

They are also offering different types of energy drinks from Monster to Reign. It does not say that they offer different flavors to add but I imagine you can. There is even an entire section where you can create your own drinks.

Hot chocolate and a "secret menu" if you are feeling adventurous is an option as well. I feel like you can figure out exactly what these flavors are just based on the name, others, not so much.

Finally, they are also offering sweets and popcorn. They have a few different cookies you can choose from. I personally am going to have to try the chocolate fudge. The popcorn doesn't appear to have flavors but that is ok. Popcorn is delicious with just butter and salt.

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