If you want to avoid the crowds and traffic, there are other places where you can watch the Twin Falls Fireworks.

We took to social media, and asked for some of the best places to watch fireworks and we got a lot of great tips.

Shopping Centers

Many people watch from various shopping centers. Many of you mentioned places like Fred Meyer and Lowes as having a pretty good view. I've seen others park at Walgreens and Culvers or other businesses on Pole Line. They have grassy areas along the sidewalks where you to set up your chairs.


Several of you watch fireworks from Harrison Elementary and say there's a good view there.There's also a lot of grass and a large area at Canyon Ridge. I've been to Canyon Ridge myself and it's great but there's a some obstruction you should be aware of.  Some of the low lighted shells are hard to see from CRHS.

The Canyon

I cannot speak from personal experience but many of you said that you can see them from the Jerome side of the canyon.

No matter where you watch the fireworks, always check to make sure it's been cleared for public access or ask permission.  And be a good neighbor and  please pick up your mess.  Enjoy!

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