I was having this discussion with some coworkers and they looked at me like I was crazy. I actually prefer turkey as a left over rather than on Thanksgiving day.

Don't get me wrong I eat plenty of turkey on Thanksgiving. I just prefer the leftover turkey the next day. Whether it is cold out of the bag, on a sandwich or in soup, turkey left over is my favorite.

My family and I will literally just put a bunch of carved up turkey into a gallon freezer bag in the refrigerator and munch on it throughout the next few days. Sure maybe not the most sanitary thing this year with COVID but that is not going to stop me. We are cooking a turkey breast this year just so we guarantee we have leftovers.

Turkey with stuffing and gravy is absolutely delicious and I love it. But there is something about a slightly warmed up turkey sandwich on thick bread with some slaw and cranberry sauce on it that just warms my heart.

I have to admit I don't eat turkey year round as much as I probably should. I love it so much but I feel like the only time I ever eat it or know anyone that actually cooks it is this time of year. What, do we only like turkey one day a year? Maybe my family is just weird.

What do you prefer, left over turkey or day of Thanksgiving turkey best.

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