Fourth of July might look a little different this year, but one thing that is going to be able to stay the same is the food. You can eat and cook food even if you don't have a giant get together. What is your favorite thing to barbecue for the holiday weekend?

Personally nothing can beat a good smoked and grilled rack of ribs. They are my favorite thing if they are done right. It is hard not to enjoy a delicious grilled piece of corn on the cob too.

I know a lot of people get creative when they cook. If you love something that you cook on the grill that isn't on the poll definitely add it. Better yet, send me the recipe so I can try it. I have friends who really enjoy grilled spam or liver and onions. I am not a fan of either but to each their own I guess.

Food is something that can bring us all together. Whether social distancing, virtually or coming together under one roof, it is something we all can agree on, we all need to eat. That's one of the reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Everyone comes together, eats a bunch of food and then goes to sleep happy and full. All holidays are really a great excuse to have delicious food.

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