With May and June being the biggest months in the United States for high school and college graduation ceremonies, pranking is something we'll be hearing a lot about in the coming weeks. The Gem State is no exception, as a recent prank involving Vaseline at a southeast Idaho school resulted in a delay of classes.

School prank season is upon us. May is the month many colleges in the U.S. award diplomas, and June is the time the majority of our country's high school seniors take the most gratifying walk of their academic careers. An Idaho Falls school made news this week after someone smeared a combination of Vaseline, rice, and pet food all over the inside of one of the buildings, according to details at eastidahonews.com.

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Aside from the fact instruction was delayed and someone ultimately had to clean the mess up, I think these types of school pranks are harmless. It's the type of actions by students that cause destruction and potentially put humans in harm's way that I don't condone. For instance, a high schooler became an Internet legend years ago by riding a dirt bike through the halls, which could have ended badly had a teacher or fellow student been hit.

I hope students in Idaho execute pranks that are done safely and in a non-destructive manner over the next few weeks. All too often, campus pranks get out of hand, and property and personal possessions get damaged. Have fun, but do it respectfully.

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