President Obama announced on Wednesday he supports same-sex marriage and it caused a lot of debate around the country on both sides of the issue.  The president said he "personally" supports same-sex marriage. He did not mention any legislation on the issue. Obama had been in favor of civil unions but said his position was "evolving."   This latest change is getting a lot of reaction. Idaho Senator Jim Risch spoke with Idaho’s News Channel Seven yesterday saying  "I have always supported the Defense of Marriage Act, which we have in Idaho." Idaho isn't the only state with the Defense of Marriage Act, or similar legislation. Many states have legislation in their constitution banning same-sex marriage. There are only a few where same-sex marriage is legal. Six states in the U.S. allow same sex marriages. Risch said he has supported the ban on same-sex marriage since he was in the Idaho Statehouse.  "I support that, always have. The great majority of Idahoans did so in November of 2006 when they adopted this,"  Fellow Idaho Senator Mike Crapo also supports Idaho's ban, and is personally opposed to same-sex marriage. But Crapo says it should be decided by the states.

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