An outright ban on abortion won’t get a vote this year.  A bill proposed by State Representatives Heather Scott and John Green won’t even get a hearing.  In what isn’t any longer a shocker, several organizations labeled pro-life opposed the bill.  As did the Roman Catholic Diocese of Idaho!!! 

several organizations labeled pro-life opposed the bill

Some organizations wouldn’t have a purpose if abortion was banned and perhaps the Roman Church fears Planned Parenthood.  You would think with God in your corner an abortion mill isn’t a threat.  If God is in the corner of the world’s largest Christian denomination.

As you can see from the video above the sponsors of the bill are flummoxed by the opposition from people and churches who should be allies.

This is one of the many reasons as to why I walked away from the Catholic Church.  Hypocrisy.  It’s rife in churches and among the so-called righteous in the pro-life movement.  Some of this is also discussed at the conservative Catholic publication Crisis.  The pagans are moving swiftly to kill even more innocent and we get more hand-wringing from our own.

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