The pro-life movement is entering a new phase.  Non-violent but confrontational.  It’s a long time coming.  The actions of just a handful of Magic Valley residents can greatly enhance the effort.  Witness the pickets outside the United Methodist Church downtown.  This happened Sunday.  We are just two weeks past a proclamation from our new Twin Falls Mayor.  Suzanne Hawkins issued the statement in support of the sanctity of all life.  Including children in wombs. 

Don’t make wild claims that essentially portray pregnancy as an illness.

Liberals, who normally greatly overstate their influence in the city, have mostly been mute on the subject, but for a member of the Methodist clergy.  He told the Mayor she would burn in hell.

The UME Church in downtown Twin Falls is a marvelous and old structure.  Now mostly empty.  It may be why the institution sponsors drag shows at remote locations.

There is clearly a split over the meaning of Christian.  And it’s widening.  As I’ve been told, the Methodists aren’t pleased with the sudden attention.  Here are a few thoughts.  Then don’t post details about drag shows on your own church web pages!  Don’t make a spectacle by condemning politicians straight to hell.  Don’t make wild claims that essentially portray pregnancy as an illness.  We all arrived here through a mother’s womb.

Our Lord arrived in the same manner.  Unless the old mainline denominations are now rejecting the Word???

Finally, if you don’t want to be known as a creep, then don’t do creepy things.  There could well be a better way to approach those of us who call ourselves defenders of life.

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