BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A legal dispute over then-Gov. Jim Risch's 2006 order for state wildlife agents to shoot Idaho elk rancher Rex Rammell's escaped animals has now reached the highest state court. Supreme Court justices Wednesday heard arguments from Rammell's lawyer contending Idaho law doesn't permit domestic elk to be shot without a good reason. Rammell's elk escape caused a furor in 2006, precipitating efforts in the next Legislature to more strictly regulate ranches offering high-priced hunts behind high fences for prized bucks. Lawmakers that session largely balked at changes, however, and Rammell used accompanying attention to launch several failed political campaigns, including a 2008 run against Risch for the Senate. The Spokesman-Review reports justices appeared skeptical of Rammell's arguments, suggesting that Idaho wildlife managers do have authority to order emergency hunts.