You probably don't remember when coins like this were a thing in the Magic Valley. Heck, many of us weren't even alive when stuff like this was around. But, there's a rare coin that was circulated by the Magic Valley Coin Club back in 1961 that has now appeared on Ebay.

This collectible coin was created in honor of what was an annual show back in those days. Notice the date on the back.

deb_jn via Ebay
deb_jn via Ebay

April 23, 1961. For reference, here are a few world events that were going on that day in 1961. According to the Take Me Back To website, here are a few things that were happening on that day:

The asking price for this rare coin is a very fair $7.99 on Ebay, if you're in a nostalgic collecting mood of a much more innocent era in the Magic Valley.

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