As city leaves begin to drop from trees and people begin rolling hoses and mowing lawns for the final time this year, we will start to really feel the full arrival of fall in the next four days in the Magic Valley.

While fall officially came more than two weeks ago, its been a mild start to the season in southern Idaho. October daytime temperatures have been averaging close to 80 degrees for this first week. People are still wearing shorts and T-shirts all over.

I awoke Wednesday morning, and for the first time felt the change in weather. I spent my lunch hour mowing my lawn and rolling up hose. I'll be seeking out my winter totes this weekend.

The forecast for Twin Falls is calling for a drastic drop in temperatures from now to Sunday. Having started the week off with daytime highs in the low to mid-eighties, Sunday's high (October 11) is predicted to ring in around 52 degrees. Overnight lows will be down into the upper-thirties by Monday.

Showers are also expected in southern Idaho toward the end of the week, which would be a huge aid to those working the final stages of the Badger Fire, the region's worst to hit this summer at over 90,000 acres burnt.

So, it's probably a good idea to fish out those hoodies, scarfs and jackets in the next couple of days. If it hasn't felt like fall to you yet, it sure will by Saturday.

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