The United States Food and Drug Administration has announced the recall of multiple varieties of onion that may have sickened approximately 400 people, including several in the state of Idaho. Idaho is one of more than 30 states to report bacterial illnesses from the suspected vegetable.

The FDA shared the details recently of an ongoing recall of onions produced by Thomson International, Inc., and the recent hospitalization of consumers throughout the United States from Salmonella poisoning. To date, close to 400 illnesses have been reported, resulting in 59 hospitalizations; five people in Idaho have become sick with the bacteria.

Following testing, its been determined that the Salmonella exposure likely came from red onions produced by the company. In an act of public safety, Thomson International, Inc, also decided to recall white, sweet and yellow varieties of their onions.

The FDA is also calling on restaurants that might be using these varieties of onions from the company to immediately cease using the vegetables. Those who become ill from Salmonella may experience body aches, a fever, abdominal distress, diarrhea or dizziness, and in some cases, the infection can be fatal.

So far, California has reported the most cases, with approximately 50 infections. Montana, Nevada, Utah and Washington State have also reported illnesses likely linked to the tainted varieties.

Canadian health officials have also reported information pertaining to the recall, and pinpointed the red onion strain as the likely source. Its been reported that the illnesses may have begun as early as July 12, 2020.

If you would like for information concerning this recall, click here.

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