I used to live in a blue state when the only elected statewide Republican was the Controller.  Voters put the GOP in charge of the watchdog role when it came to spending.  One day we were talking about a delay in adopting a state budget.  I asked the man why we couldn’t get an agreement.  He folded his arms across his chest and pointed his index fingers into the air.  In other words, the legislative players all had an opportunity to blame someone else.

Which is what they did when they had to answer to constituents.

It sounds familiar when it comes to the debate over a presidential primary debate in Idaho.

First, there were noises from the Senate about a special session.  Then there were competing proposals in the Senate on a date for the primary.  No special session was called when the leadership in the House feigned a lack of interest in returning for a day to provide a solution.

Then a House proposal came about this week.  Floated by Republican Lance Clow in Twin Falls.  But the Senate with its competing proposals lacks interest.  It’s unlikely a special session will be called in the next 36 hours.

The House will blame the Senate.  The Senate will blame the House and other factions in the Senate.  Many will blame state GOP Chair Dorothy Moon.  The party’s old guard is still angry because she bested their guy and got more votes as chair.  The old boys’ network has already claimed she messed things up by promoting a March primary versus a May primary.  She’s not a member of the House or Senate and had no vote.  She simply warned that by May the party will already have a nominee.  A March primary at least gives state voters a say in the eventual outcome.

Politics is a filthy game for most participants and devoid of morals.

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