If you’ve ever been discouraged by a home improvement project, this should give you some hope.

The Spokesman Review tells in words and pictures the story of Lee Arnold, founder and CEO of Cogo Capital, who last September walked through a dilapidated house that today resembles nothing of its former ugliness.

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Arnold and his team, who told the newspaper that the dilapidated house was the second worst he had ever seen, spent six months restoring the home and turned it into one both pleasant and saleable.

“Now, walking through the house at 6117 N. Cedar St., you’d never know the house was formerly occupied by a man who used a metal newspaper stand to burn beams he’d torn off the walls to stay warm,” reads a cutline from the post.

Arnold has his own business, which may make it easier for him than the average homeowner to undertake such a massive project, but seeing such a transformation may still inspire with you the courage to continue with your own projects.

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