Let's have some fun, let's pretend we are comparing Magic Valley towns and cities to Disney Princesses based on each one's personality and character traits. It sounds kind of strange but, if each town was a Disney princess, this is either where they would live or who they represent.

DISCLAIMER: This is just for fun and not meant to be offensive in any way shape or form. Please read for the comedy aspect.


Alice as Twin Falls

I know Alice isn't technically a princess but we are going to roll with it anyway. Twin Falls is Alice for a few reasons, people are either in a ridiculous hurry or don't care how long it takes them to get somewhere. People love Twin Falls but are also confused by the town layout and one-way streets, among other things. However, Twin Falls is fun-loving and endearing, just like Alice.


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Merida as Jerome

Merida is Jerome because Merida does whatever she wants and is a little chaotic as well. Jerome is a great town that does things its own way. Sometimes it can be a little crazy but it works out in the end.

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Filer as Tiana

Tiana has humble beginnings, works incredibly hard, and wants to make her dreams come true. She also loves to make great food and loves her family. That is most people in Idaho, but we thought it would be nice to have Tiana as Filer.

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Buhl as Ariel

Buhl makes a ton of trout. When you think of all the fish the only princess that makes sense to me for Buhl is Ariel. She loves the fish, and everyone loves the fish in Buhl

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Kimberly as Nala

Again, I know she isn't TECHNICALLY a princess, but we are going with it. Kimberly has more mountain lion sightings than any other place, I swear.

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Dietrich as Rapunzel

Rapunzel lives in the middle of nowhere which is actually quite beautiful. Hidden away from her surroundings, you may never even know she was there. That is Dietrich if you ask me.

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Clayton and Snow White

Yes, Clayton is technically not part of the Magic Valley, but I had to use them because their population is 7. It just worked out way too perfectly not to use them here.

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Burley as Aurora

You may think it is just sleepy, but once that place wakes up it is booming. There are so many amazing events and when people get together down there, it is a fiery blast of a party! It's not all just sleepy town shenanigans here.

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Ketchum as Elsa

Ketchum gets the most snow in the area. And it appears that the cold never bothered the residents that live there anyway. And I feel like a lot of the people in that area go there to live by themselves, away from the world, so they can do what they want.

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Hagerman as Cinderella

When you think of Hagerman you might think of a little town in the middle of nowhere that doesn't have a ton of value. That could not be further from the truth. Hagerman shines up like a beautiful princess year-round between amazing sights, things to do and history.

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Hailey as Jasmine

Even though Hailey is attached to some of the big-name "royalty" getting the nickname "Hailey-wood" they still appreciate the average "common folk". They just want to be happy, find true love, and maybe do a ton of traveling.

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Shoshone as Belle

Belle knew everyone in her town. She knows the baker, the poor mother who just wants eggs to feed her kids, the librarian, and everyone knows her. Shoshone is a welcoming and friendly place, I could actually see the people there breaking out into song. They know everything about everyone but they like it that way.

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