I've lived in Idaho for a little over a decade and I love it a lot more than I thought I would. I grew up in Salt Lake City and not once did I ever have a desire to visit Idaho. I moved to Kansas for a few years after getting married and went to college with still no thought about Idaho. It wasn't really until we had moved to Las Vegas and had two kids that we realized we needed to think about where we wanted to raise the babies. We knew Las Vegas was not that place. We wanted somewhere close to family (but not too close) and not a big city. That's where Twin Falls comes in. Three hours from my family in Utah and close to all sorts of outdoor fun options.

Source: WalletHub

According to a WalletHub study though, Idaho really isn't that great of a state in which to raise a family. Based on factors like: family fun, affordability, education, and health and safety they ranked Idaho 29th in the nation. We know Idaho is full of fun things to do and they totally ignore that and rank us 40th in that category. We are also constantly being told that Idaho education is among the worst there is. They also point that out by ranking us 46th. And we fare even worse in affordability where we rank a dismal 47th. Our only saving grace and redeeming quality, apparently, is that we are the 11th safest state. Must be thanks to all the gun owners.

Regardless of the study results, I love living here and blame Chubbuck for any low scores we got.

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