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The good news is people want to go out and eat.  If they’ve any money left when this lockdown charade ends, and they spend it, the economy could revive faster than most expect. 

The plus is the crowd and how it quickly resumed entirely normal human behavior.

Check out this link.  A restaurant in Colorado opened for Mother’s Day, which as you know is one of the busiest days, if not busiest, for dining out every year.  The place was packed.  People were lined up outside the door.  It was temporary.  Big Brother stepped in because people were dining like it was February.  Even if they weren’t dancing cheek-to-cheek.  As we all know, elected politicians are smarter than everyone else.  You get elected and your IQ soars by 50 points.

Look, the fact the jackbooted government minstrels threw the book at the owners and customers is a temporary negative.

The plus is the crowd and how it quickly resumed entirely normal human behavior.

Our economy is driven by consumer spending.  It makes up 70 percent of yearly activity.  Before spending, consumers need confidence.  They need assurances they’ll have a job in 6 months and a roof over their heads.

The Colorado story is one of buoyancy.  Even if the government/news media jackal pack frowned on what’s hardwired into humanity.  We like to celebrate and enjoy ourselves.  We especially like social gatherings over food.

When I drive by nearly empty restaurants and those closed for the duration, I also get some confidence.  If the owners can get by for a few more weeks, there’ll be some light.

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