TWIN FALLS,Idaho (KLIX) It will be a little longer before public roads into hills in southern Idaho are open for the season. The Bureau of Land Management Burley Field Office announced they have extended the seasonal road closures for the South Hills until the ground drys out. The BLM has listed the following roads and smaller trails connected to them as currently closed:

  •  Dry Creek
  • Cherry Spring
  • Indian Springs (Closure begins 1.5 miles south of Foothills Road)
  • North Cottonwood Creek

For the time being, the roads continue to be too wet and muddy to allow motorized travel to resume within the closed area," said Burley Field Manager Ken Crane. "Although the mule deer seem to be doing well in the South Hills, the winter conditions are still adding stress to the deer.  As soon as the conditions improve and stabilize, we’ll lift the closure.”

People can access these areas by non-motorized means, such as on foot, horse, bicycle or anything else that does not rely on a engine or motor to move. There are some exceptions to emergency and law enforcement vehicles being able to access the closure sites. The BLM did not set a specific date as to when roads will be reopened.

For more information regarding the road closure, please contact the BLM Burley Field Office recreation planner, at (208) 677-6600.

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