This fall, DC Collectibles' Batman: The Animated Series line will continue to expand its roster of rogues with the additions of Roxy Rocket and Scarecrow. As the first deluxe figure in the line, Roxy has her own appeal, but it's The New Adventures of Batman version of Scarecrow that will by far give you way more nightmares.

Based on his appearance in 'Never Fear', the Scarecrow is the first figure from the anticipated fifth wave of B:TAS figures. Though that episode is decent, it's no match for 'Over the Edge' (the one where Batgirl has a fevered dream about what'd happen if she died in the line of duty), which came just five episodes later. Still, the most important thing is the incredibly terrifying Scarecrow design that's being brought to life. The original Scarecrow design was brilliant, if a bit too Wizard of Oz, but this version... this is a Scarecrow you actually believed might inspire fear.

The hollow, empty eyes. The hangman's noose dangling loosely from his neck. The undertaker's tattered trenchcoat and that flat brimmed hat. That sloppy, decomposing grin. This was no man born of a cornfield; this was a man born of the graveyard.

DC's sculpt captures him well, and you almost believe his body is hanging off a post, the way his broad shoulders dwindle to next to nothing by the time his slender frame reaches his feet.


DC Collectibles


On the other hand, you have the slightly more energetic and explosive Roxy Rocket, who was first introduced in the Batman Adventures comics and then added to the animated show shortly thereafter... and then added to regular DC Comics continuity eight years later. Shockingly, this will be the character's first figure ever. But perhaps it's not that shocking given that she was hardly a mainstay in the show or the comics, though her brief appearances made a lasting impression on many fans.

DC Collectibles is going all out for Roxy's first figure, giving her a stand-alone release in a deluxe package complete with her signature rocket (with working lights). She'll be a bit pricier than the rest of the line, but considering what she comes with, and given that fans have been waiting for 17 years for a Roxy Rocket action figure, that likely won't stop her from flying off the shelves. The line has had some issues with articulation, so I'll be interested to see if she can actually fit on her vehicle with ease.

In addition to announcing these new figures, DC also put up a poll asking fans which characters from the classic cartoon should get immortalized in plastic next. Somehow, the Ventriloquist is currently in the lead, and the Zatanna and Carrie Kelly figures are not.


DC Collectibles


Roxy Rocket will be available for $39.95 in August. The Scarecrow has no release date yet, but will likely also be available around the same time for $24.95. Pre-orders aren't yet open, but should be soon.


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