I’ve had many discussions with politicians, friends and co-workers about a potential stadium in Twin Falls.

Modern stadiums, big and small, don’t come on the cheap

It could even lure minor league baseball back to the city.  I’ve also publicly commented about the many hurdles making it unlikely it’ll happen any time soon.

Primary concern is cost.  Modern stadiums, big and small, don’t come on the cheap.  Now we’re learning there are efforts in Boise to keep the public in the dark when it comes to stadium construction.  It may explain why Boise State opted out and plans its own facility.

Not that anyone is going to jail in Boise but it may derail the project.  Twin Falls County Republican Chairman Steve Millington has a suggestion.  He proposes a sales tax override as an option.  The city of Boise could raise the money through additional sales tax revenue, however.  Any additional tax would need to be approved by voters.  It may well be someone in Boise fears the voters won’t approve.

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