Idaho is getting a lot of national attention and from late-night show hosts. Last week Jimmy Fallon had a seriously amusing segment about Idaho and gas. You really should watch it. This week it was Stephen Colbert who found a way to poke fun at Idaho.

Stephen Colbert Mocks Idaho Politicians

The fodder for the Colbert clip comes from an apparent power struggle between Idaho's governor Brad Little and Janice McGeachin, Idaho's lieutenant governor. When Little left Idaho for a visit to Texas, McGeachin wrote up an executive order dealing with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. Little immediately repealed the order. Colbert likened the power struggle to a pair of feuding parents and a babysitter.

Check out the funny segment from Colbert in the video below. The Idaho part starts at 5:34.

Not The First Power Struggle Between Little and McGeachin

A similar back-and-forth happened earlier this year when Little left the state and McGeachin, acting as governor, wrote up an executive order about mask mandates. Little also repealed that order as soon as he was back in Idaho.

A Potato Is Third In Line For Command In Idaho

Maybe the best part of the Idaho blast is when Clobert claims that if Little and McGeachin were to both die, that a potato with googly-eyes would be the next in line for power. While not true, it does seem like it could be true.

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In case you didn't see the video from last week where Jimmy Fallon makes fun of Idaho, you can watch that one below. Idaho gets brought up second in the list of bad signs.

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