The bizarre, true story of a Rexburg nuclear research staffer who was found to be living with two deceased family members is currently airing on the Oxygen True Crime streaming platform. The 17-year-old case is considered to be one of Idaho's darkest realities.

I had never heard of the name David Kaneko until today. I came across Kaneko's story on, the website for the cable and streaming network that features true crime stories. The case became a national story in 2004, when Idaho police did a welfare check on the man's wife and daughter.

Kaneko was working at the Naval Reactors Facility near Idaho Falls, while living with his wife Lorraine, and daughter Laura. According to the reports, following an extended period of time of the two not having contact with close relatives, Idaho police visited the Rexburg home in an attempt to make contact with the two women. They were discovered lying next to each other in a bed, and badly decomposed.

Kaneko was later charged with involuntary manslaughter, as well as other crimes. It was determined that he had lived with the corpses for a period of approximately three years. Several news outlets reported on the case, including FOX, who last updated their story in 2015.

David Kaneko died in 2016, according  to his obituary. He retired from his position at the nuclear facility in 2003, just one year before the bodies were discovered. You can currently watch segments of the documentary at

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