There have been multiple reports over the last few days on social media pages of a woman going door to door in Twin Falls attempting to sell various items. In some of the posts, there are claims that she is responsible for several break-ins

Multiple Reports of a Suspicious Woman Knocking on Doors in Twin Falls

In a few of the Facebook groups I follow, the story goes like this:

A Latina woman comes to the door and knocks. If a male answers the door she asks if the lady of the house is there because she has jewelry to sell. She’ll ask multiple times that you are sure there isn’t a woman at the house. She’ll state that she needs to sell items because her son is being held hostage in Mexico and she needs money. If she isn’t selling gold or jewelry she may say she has tamales, fruit, and candy or needs help with gas money, pushing her car, or looking for her lost dog.

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It is also reported that if nobody answers the door she will look around the house, possibly looking for a way to gain access to the home. In one of the stories, she adjusted the cameras on a house and was accompanied by others in a vehicle snooping around the yard.

What To Look Out For

One person who arrived home to the woman and her friends looking around the property followed the car and called the cops to investigate. The vehicle was reported as a newer black Jeep Liberty/Compass with a 2J 2967U license plate.

What Should You Do If Someone Tries To Enter Your Home

In the comments on social media, there are a lot of people saying that this lady better be careful if she knocks on the wrong door or they’d do something about it. Whatever your mindset in these kinds of instances, be sure you call the authorities if you are worried about your property or safety. If you don’t feel comfortable opening your door to a stranger or helping someone who may or may not be in need, follow your gut. Report suspicious activities to the authorities.

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