We all need a break from life sometimes, and one of the best ways to do that is to hit up one of the many local hot springs in the area. Last week it was revealed that Miracle Hot Springs had changed their prices, and it caused a few reactions on a Facebook rants and raves page. While many liked the change, many did not as well. Since the story has come out, Miracle has released a statement and explained why they decided to change the prices.

Miracle Hot Springs Explains Price Chance Decision

Miracle Hot Springs - Photo Credit Miracle Hot Springs Facebook

Having some slight negative responses last week, Miracle Hot Springs has released a statement, explaining the decision-making process, as well as understanding the frustration from some, but that they intend to provide the best possible customer experience.

In the last week, we’ve received a lot of feedback about the increase in the price of general admission at Miracle Hot Springs. We have increased pricing at Miracle due to multiple factors, but mainly overcrowding, which negatively affects both customer experience and puts a strain on our employees and water resources. The increased price wasn’t a decision we took lightly as we understand that it would not accommodate everyone’s desires.

While not in the statement, another reason to want to decrease the overcrowding, was that not only was parking becoming an issue, but it was leading to more accidents in the parking lot. The more cars, the more fender benders that were happening.

Why the Price Change at Miracle was the Best Decision

Credit: AllaLaurent
Credit: AllaLaurent

Too many people lead to more problems, and if you can't swim or relax, then the experience becomes less enjoyable for everyone. Miracle understands that not everyone is happy, but in today's world, that won't happen in any business. Continuing with their statement, they went deeper into explaining why the price change was the best solution.

To preserve the quality of service, we feel the increased price is our best option. To decrease the total number of people frequenting Miracle Hot Springs, we have decided to implement a single general admission price for all ages up to 59. We hope that in doing so we’ll be able to provide a better service for you and your friends and family.

For those that are curious, the prices before the change were $6 for children 3 to 14 and $1 for children 3 and under. The kids 3 and under received a swim diaper as well, apart of the admission fee.

A Friendly Solution for Those Seeking Cheaper Pricing

Banbury's Hot Springs Photo Credit Banbury's Hot Spring

For those that are looking for a more affordable situation but still want to visit a hot spring in the area, the owner of Miracle had a suggestion that may please both of you. 

At our other facility Banbury Hot Springs, prices have not changed. We are working hard to improve this historic, 102-year-old facility, so you and your family can continue making lasting memories there. We hope to further invest in your experiences at both Miracle and Banbury, and we thank you for your patience through this process, and support over the years.

Banbury isn't far from Miracle, so the drive would be similar, as well as it will be nicer on your wallet if you are looking to bring the whole family. Prices at Banbury are $10 for those aged 14 to 59, $8 for people 60 and over, $4 for children 4 to 13, and $1 for kids 3 and under, which includes a swim diaper as well. 

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For those that weren't happy about the price change, there was a ton of thought and discussions behind it, and Miracle did not make it lightly. Banbury is still an affordable option, as is Miracle if you are willing to pay a little bit more for your children. Another option is to use it as a chance to escape your kids and relax at Miracle by yourself or with your partner. Whichever place you choose to go to, enjoy a relaxing time at a hot spring soon. 

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