When a Sheriff’s Deputy was shot and killed at a Houston gas station the Associated Press gave a description of an approximate age and size of the gunman.  The description excluded race.  After Friday night’s execution style shooting do you suppose people were told to be on the lookout simply for a man?  Which I guess would be half the population of metropolitan Houston.  Security video at the gas station actually has very clear pictures of a black man carrying a gun.  Would this detail have helped get a dangerous person off the streets any more quickly?

Speaking of the AP and most media do they believe they share a responsibility for the ambush death of a law enforcer?  He had a wife and two children.  After an angry and gay black man gunned down three white people and killed the two of the three he once worked with I was told we shouldn’t generalize about black crime.  By the definition of hate crime used by liberals and fellow travelers in media the shooting in Virginia was certainly spiteful, however.  I’ve got friends who are black and gay and sometimes both so I understand they aren’t all buying guns and planning to kill innocent folks.

By the same definition not everyone who wears a badge is a racist brute but I’m sure if you got your news from Al Sharpton or listened to the President and the U.S. Justice Department you might believe the cops are just waiting for the moment they can riddle you with bullets.  Better to get them before they get you?  By my count Sharpton must have at least half-a-dozen corpses behind his nasty rhetoric and culture of victimhood. There were a couple  in the Howard Beach riots and now we’ve got several law enforcers dead from what would otherwise appear random acts of violence.  Sharpton has been demoted to hosting a weekend program at MSDNC and I think it’s because his handlers are starting to realize they share guilt by association.

What I’d also like to share is I’m not aware any fan of right-of-center talk radio who has ever reacted to the hosts and committed violence.  Maybe it’s because conservatives respect the rule-of-law.  The Virginia killer was an Obama sycophant and generally a cancer in the workplace.  There was likely hesitation firing the man because of a potential backlash about racism and discrimination.  You can make book if MSDNC pushed Sharpton completely overboard he’d be screaming the network was bowing to pressure to silence the black perspective.

Like America’s political class media is an institution no longer trusted by an angry public.  A friend was commenting today about the story of Donald Trump’s visit a little more than a week ago to Mobile, Alabama.  We kept hearing he spoke at a stadium where the seats were half-empty.  Hillary Clinton often speaks to a great many empty seats.  The thing is in order for many people to see candidate Trump they stood instead on the turf.  With thunder and lightning threatening at any moment.  If 20-thousand people are sitting in a stadium with a capacity of 40-thousand and 15-thousand people are on the field then how many people came to hear the famous builder?  Even Lefty should be able to do the math and understand it was the largest crowd for any candidate to date.  Bernie Sanders has drawn some large crowds but mainly in vastly larger metropolitan regions.  Over at MSDNC Chris Matthews joked there weren’t many black faces in the crowd.  I watched the same rally and was surprised by just how many people-of-color attended.  Speaking of Matthews when one of his children got married a few years ago there were hundreds of guests.  They were all white.

Media is also parroting the claims of Washington’s out-of-touch political elites.  They say we can’t build a border wall and we simply can’t track down 11 to 40 million illegal immigrants and send them packing, although.  We can track a case of bovine encephalitis to a single herd in Alberta.

They tell us Trump is selling snake-oil and not substantive.  Then the New York Times plasters its front page with a story about Donald Trump’s hair.  Is that of particular substance?  I introduced Newt Gingrich at a book signing a half-dozen years ago and mentioned the first time I ever saw a story about him was when I picked up a magazine in my high school library.  The writer obsessed over Newt’s hair and not long afterward news media speculated on whether or not Ronald Reagan used hair dye.  Yes, really weighty matters-of-state!

Almost 70 years ago Franklin Roosevelt introduced wartime production goals and the press thought the man had lost his mind.  Then the country exceeded and obliterated the target he set.  25 years later the United States was sending men to the moon and back.  And we can’t build a wall and enforce laws?  I think it’s time for leftists and fellow travelers to put down their crack pipes.  Lying is an offense once forgiven but repeatedly twisting the truth has broken the backs of media and political elites.  At a time when Americans need hard truths they get narratives designed to shred the country.


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