“Clearly the practitioners of the First Amendment have committed far more recent abuses than practitioners of the Second and, yet.  Those practicing number one want to eliminate number two.  I think a safer approach would be a purge of the devious and conniving minions of America's news media.”


Courtesy, The Washington Post
Can media ever be again trusted?

The above is a comment I this morning left at the website of the Washington Post.  “Hands up, don’t shoot!” is a lie perpetuated by many in U.S. news media after a Missouri police officer killed a street thug.  Last week an editor at the Post admitted to disseminating the hoax.  It caused the deaths of two police officers in New York City and the near death of two officers in suburban St. Louis.  There have been numerous other assaults on police nationwide as the media and villains such as Al Sharpton amplified the canard.

Today, the Washington Post Fact-Checker is also issuing a mea culpa.  You can see it here.

In my adult lifetime I’ve witnessed scandals over fabrications at the Post, the New York Times, CBS and especially NBC and its sister network, MSDNC.  We’re dealing with people wholly irresponsible and it may be time for a wide scale rebuilding of news media.  And Lefty wonders why talk radio, Fox News and Internet alternatives flourish?  To paraphrase Bon Jovi, “You give news a bad name!”

You’ll see no apology from Sharpton.  He’s already left people dead in his wake long before getting his own program at MSDNC.  His fellow travelers will flagellate themselves for a few days with contrived sorrow and self-absorption and then quickly return to their Alinskyite methods.

I know one thing very clearly.  If I abuse my God given Second Amendment right a temporal court will send me to prison.  When a media star abuses his First Amendment right a 23-year-old production assistant is sacrificed.  Meanwhile irreparable damage is done.  “Hands up, don’t shoot!” will live on in some communities as a false belief for decades.  And Lefty has the gall to label talk radio hosts as bigots, fascists and racists.

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