Periodically my friend, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle (USAF Ret.) chimes in with some thoughts.  Here today are his latest on the condition of our country:

What happened to my country? Courtesy, Lt. Col. Steve Hyle, USAF Ret.

RUMINATIONS – by the Yankee Sky Dog

An Interview


Sock Puppet here, your ever loyal and relentless reporter asking the hard questions. Today, I have asked Mr. Maw Thooselaw to step before our microphone.


Let me begin Mr. Thooselaw by asking this question. You have been on Earth longer than anyone else alive. You bring a perspective and wisdom no others could ever match. So I ask you to describe the state of our country as you view it today through the prism of history.


Thank you Sock for this opportunity to communicate with my fellow Americans. I will gladly, but sadly, answer your question in one word. That word is: “Madness.” The country has become Alice's Wonderland. Everything is upside down or side ways. Let me state several examples:


  • Republicans are now Democrats.
  • Kids are criminals for possessing a gun shaped Pop Tart.
  • We're not even sure if the President is an American.
  • Illegal immigrants have more rights and benefits than most American citizens.
  • A majority of our college students think France won the Civil War.
  • Allah is great, but don't mention God or Jesus in polite company.
  • Israel is now our President's enemy, but he enables Iran who wishes to destroy us.
  • California's agriculture is drying up in order to save a fish no one knows exists.
  • You can desecrate the American Flag, but Heaven forbid you mention Pork.
  • All of a sudden the Confederacy is demonized and didn't exist.
  • A U.S. Congressman is so stupid he thinks the Island of Guam could tip over.
  • The Secretary of State betrayed and denounced his fellow Viet Nam comrades.
  • Al Sharpton advises the President while owing the Treasury $6 million in taxes.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton is actually considered a viable candidate for President.
  • Jane Fonda has yet to be hanged as a traitor.


I could go on and on, but I hope you see, Sock, why I believe I have described what is happening in our country. It's Madness. There are days that I wish I hadn't lived so long to see what America has become.

Mr. Thooselaw, I thank you for your very pointed and candid answer to my question. Perhaps I should think about interviewing the Mad Hatter for my next interview.