Destination: Balanced Rock
CASTLEFORD, Idaho (KLIX) – In a quiet spot in western Twin Falls County stands an oddly-shaped, wind-carved rock some 48 feet tall. Some visitors say the rock resembles a giant question mark; others say it looks like a boot. Still others say it reminds them of the African continent.
State Representative Rich Wills on Top Story
State Representative Rich Wills dropped by the Top Story studio this morning.  Wills faces a challenge in the May 17th Republican Primary (his opponent attends the same church!)  If you remember the tall and stately actor, Andrew J. Duggan, you could imagine him playing Representative Will…
Castleford Female Student can Stay on Boys Team
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The board that oversees Idaho high school sports won't bar a female golf champion from playing with the boys team if not enough girls turn out and form their own team. Idaho High School Activities Association director John Billetz says there was just a single vote for …
Former Castleford Teacher Sentenced
MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) — A former Castleford High School teacher has been sentenced to 45
days in jail and five years of probation for secretly videotaping high school
girls who showered in his hotel bathroom during an FFA convention in Moscow...

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