CASTLEFORD, Idaho (KLIX) – In a quiet spot in western Twin Falls County stands an oddly-shaped, wind-carved rock some 48 feet tall. Some visitors say the rock resembles a giant question mark; others say it looks like a boot. Still others say it reminds them of the African continent.

What makes this 40-ton rock even more interesting is that it sits atop a base a little more than 3 feet wide. No matter how you view the rock, it seems to be doing a balancing act atop the thin pedestal.

If you’ve lived in south-central Idaho for a while, chances are you’ve visited Balanced Rock in the golden-brown deserts of Castleford. If you’re new to the area, however, and haven’t yet made the trip then this naturally formed monolith is something you’ll have to add to your list of must-see places.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here’s one way to get to it from Twin Falls: Take E. 3700 North to Balanced Rock Road in Castleford. You’ll dip into a small canyon, but after driving out of it you’ll see the iconic rock on your right.

Once there, park in the space provided just off the road and then walk the worn dirt trail up to the rock. If you’re in good shape it should take you less than five minutes; but be careful coming down because the loose dirt can make you lose your balance. While in the area pay attention to the other rock formations; the nearby monoliths can be just as interesting in their own way.

Make sure to stop by Balanced Rock State Park, nestled in the nearby canyon. You already passed its entrance if you came from the eastside approach.

After you’ve visited, share with us what Balanced Rock reminds you of – a boot, question mark or something else?

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