Conservative rank & file not welcome. Harry How, Getty Images

The nation’s conservative elite still can’t fathom Donald Trump.

I consider myself a conservative but maybe the movement has very little interest in me

He did something the chattering class said he couldn’t.  He got elected President when all the conventional wisdom insisted demographics favored no Republican Presidential candidate.  Is it because many Americans who claimed to be conservatives really aren’t dedicated to the movement?

Look, I consider myself a conservative, but maybe the movement has very little interest in me.  This morning, I saw an advertisement for a political summit sponsored by the Weekly Standard.  For $5,000, I can spend a long weekend with the elitists at a high end resort in Colorado.  I assume blue collar Republicans and conservatives won’t be jetting in to rub elbows with the Coors and Koch families.

Where am I going to rustle up 5-grand to hear the same talking heads I see every night on Fox?  I’d rather spend the money on paying down debts or maybe as a down payment on a recreational vehicle.  Then, I could enjoy some summer weekends in the Sawtooth Mountains and I don’t have to tip a bellboy or a cleaning staff potentially in the country illegally!