Top 10 Best Movies To Watch This Holiday Season
It is a given that at some point before the new year, you will want to sit back and watch a holiday movie. The hard part will be picking a movie...and then finding it! Below is a list of the top 10 best movies to watch this holiday season.
Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Cheap Romantic
There are ways to be romantic and not spend a ton of money. Todd Harding has done everything on this list over the years. Some of the ideas do take a little bit of work. These are Todd's 5 favorite money-saving Valentine's Day Ideas.
The Ten Worst Things About The Holidays
Supposedly, Christmas is a time of pure happiness and love...but in reality there are a few things that we hate about the holidays. Especially when family comes to visit! Here are the ten worst things about the holidays.
AAA Expects Travel Increase this 4th of July
(KLIX)- We could see a good rise in the number of people traveling this upcoming Fourth of July. Triple A of Idaho is predicting nearly a five percent increase in those headed out for the holiday. Dave Carlson with AAA Idaho says that is not just people hitting the highway, its people flying and usi…
Be Fire Safe On Public Lands
Twin Falls- Fire officials want people to have fun this weekend, but they also want Memorial Day goers to be fire safe. The Bureau of Land Management want people to be cautious as the fire season gets closer. Kyli Gough, with B-L-M says should be mindful when they are out driving...
Taxes Done? Tuesday Is Deadline!
(KTVB)  April 15 is typically the day that millions of Americans rush to file their income taxes before the deadline. That isn't the case this year, as the deadline for filing taxes has moved.  April 15 fell on a Sunday this year. While that would normally mean that the filing date wo…