Washington D.C.

One Very Big Church!
The largest church I’ve ever visited is on the grounds of Catholic University in Washington.  It’s among the largest in North America.  There is also the Cathedral of St. Helena in Helena, Montana.
Labrador Fights Federal Land Grab in Idaho
Outsiders may be surprised to learn the federal government owns two-thirds of Idaho.  There is also discussion the government in Washington, D.C. is looking to even swallow up more land from the state.  Congressman Raul Labrador joined us today and explained with much of the land in his di…
Commentary: Idaho Feeding at the Federal Trough
Are you aware one-third of Idaho’s yearly budget is underwritten by Washington?  A writer at the Wall Street Journal lays it all out in painful detail right here.  The writer says if the federal tap runs dry Idahoans will seriously learn the meaning of self-reliance, althou…